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Bitblinx pay

You can now easily use Bitblinx pay to complete online crypto payments directly from your favorite exchange or wallet. Your payment processing experience will now be safe and instant with BitBlinx Pay, as we ensure you a smooth customer journey which will also meet all of your specific business needs.Plus, with BitBlinx Pay you don’t need to worry about high fees or chargebacks anymore.


Instant Payments

Get instant payments from BitblinxTrade and BitblinxPay users. Complete smooth and convenient payment processes in a matter of minutes.

Accept Crypto

for online payments

Accept Crypto payments from all over the world, gain new customers and avoid the cost of high fees and chargebacks. From setup to settlement, Bitblinx Pay makes accepting payments easier.


Security is a key priority for us. Complete online payments with our reliable and secure payment processing system.


No high fees and chargebacks with BitBlinx Pay. Your payment will be up and running swiftly with low fees and fast processing.

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