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Join the millions of traders who have already discovered trading


Incredibly low trading fees, the more you trade the less you pay. ZERO fees for deposits & withdrawals, strictly blockchain costs.


Use advanced tools and features. Analyze stats, copy the best investors’ transactions and get a notification whenever something important happens.


Intuitive, reliable & secure platform. Easy to use for crypto newcomers. Advanced order types for experienced traders.


For a passive income with little effort, refer friends to receive commissions from their trading - as well as from those they refer.

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BitBlinx trading app is easy and simple to use. It allows you to keep the markets and your trading account always as close to you as your mobile phone.
The app gives you full control over your account 24/7.

Instant Payments

Get instant payments from BitblinxTrade and BitblinxPay users. Complete smooth and convenient payment processes in a matter of minutes.

Accept Crypto

for online payments

Accept Crypto payments from all over the world, gain new customers and avoid the cost of high fees and chargebacks. From setup to settlement, Bitblinx Pay makes accepting payments easier.


Security is a key priority for us. Complete online payments with our reliable and secure payment processing system.


No high fees and chargebacks with BitBlinx Pay. Your payment will be up and running swiftly with low fees and fast processing.

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