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How we see
Things at BitBlinx

Blockchain technology and cryptomarkets are transforming the world of money and finance before our eyes. The early stage of the crypto adoption curve is well underway, and while most crypto exchanges are focused on serving crypto early adopters we look to cater to newcomers. We are preparing for next phase of adoption that will come from the vast number of cryptocurrency investors and traders as well as from online merchants and their clients who are starting to accept cryptopayments more readily.

What we

Our platform is secure, reliable, fast, and easy to use. With access to over 17 cryptocurrencies and 25 cryptocurrency pairs to trade, our trading application's simplicity pleases beginner traders, and its powerful order functionalities are appreciated by experienced traders. We continusoly work on expanding our list of cryptocurrencies, and continuosly enhance our platform according to our users needs. Our customers support team is dedicated and appreciated by all our clients.

Security &

Our platform is secured by most advanced SSL standard incorporated together with Cloudflare security features. Users are protected by complex password requirements, mandatory 2FA and email confirmations needed for withdrawals and warnings about login attemptes made from different IP than usually. 90% of exchange founds are stored in a multisingnature protected cold wallet.

Team &

We are a team of seasoned traders and crypto enthusiasts who have set out on a journey to enable others to securely and easily participate in the world of cryptocurrency trading. We are passionate about blockchain technology and the revolutionary changes it is already bringing to the established ways of doing things. We believe blockchain and the cryptomarkets are here to stay and will redefine many aspects of our lives by making them radically more efficient. We are convinced that this new technology will open doors to new ways that were, not too long ago, thought to be illusory.

Philipp Leopold Zahrer

Managing Director

Ramy Copty

Managing Director

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