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New STDEX Token Listing!

New STDEX Token Listing!

Dec 18, 2019 by

Fellow BB users, it is the end of the year and we could not finish 2019 it in a better way than with a new token listed in BitBlinx – STDEX Token. We always strive to deliver quality services and partnerships that will improve our exchange and your Crypto experience.

This new listing is only of the things we are bringing to you before 2020 starts, keep an eye out, you will have some more Christmas presents from us!

BitBlinx is now listing STDex

Good news, STDEX is now listed on BitBlinx , and trading can be executed in STDEX/BTC and STDEX/ETH. This is a great addition to our evergrowing list of tradable digital assets. We will keep adding interesting tokens with great potential along the way.


To get a better understanding of what other Cryptos you can trade on BitBlinx , check out our Digital Assets´ Guide.

What is STDEX?

It is a Token based on the Ethereum blockchain technology which has a 100 million total supply. STDEX is the platform’s currency for all services provided by fineTOKEN, including,,, and

The minds behind the project are Bertram Seitz and Roderick Warren, whose experience in related institutions and in the Crypto industry make this idea a reality.

Why should you hold STDEX?

BitBlinx´s goal is to list tokens with great potential and that will add value to our users. Apart from growing our Crypto family, listing STDEX presents an opportunity to diversify your portfolio.

The estimated demand for STDEX over the next 3 years is exponential, which can increase its value.


What other benefits does this partnership bring?

STDEX is the currency for the services provided by fineTOKEN. This includes investintokens’ platform, which enables blockchain projects to raise funds, led by community voting via a token sale.

You will also be able to participate in our BitBlinx´s projects very soon.

Additionally, It is very possible that we will be able to extend their Loyalty program to BB users! This would mean that BB users that hold 100 STDEX tokens for at least 30 consecutive days would receive loyalty rewards.

Check out their ecosystem here.


Join our community and start trading STDEX:







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