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Buy Ethereum With Bitblinx – Open Free Account

Buy Ethereum With Bitblinx – Open Free Account

Mar 3, 2022 by

Bitblinx is a highly trusted cryptocurrency exchange, where everyone can join. It’s easy and secure for both newbies and experienced traders.


At Bitblinx, we have been doing secure and fully regulated transactions since 2019, and with tens of thousands of users. Since our early days, we have been having much focus on Ethereum(ETH), as well as other interesting projects. Ethereum has been around since 30. July 2015, and we are happy and proud to facilitate transactions in Ethereum.



Ethereum Mainstream Adoption – since 2015

As Ethereum is getting more and more popular, we also notice more and more Ethereum wallets being created globally, all able to accept and hold Ethereum.

Today – 17 February 2022, there exists more than 188 mill unique Ethereum adresses. As a Ethereum and crypto exchange we are not promoting any specific cryptocurrencies, but we do acknowledge Ethereum as an original trendsetter, as well as a decentralized crypto currency.

The Ethereum network is expanding in a rapid pace, and we notice multiple cool projects, starting up on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum has been a significant player in the NFT market, and it looks like this trend will continue, as metaverse becomes a reality.


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Get instant acces to classic cryptocurrencies, as well as several exciting altcoins.

At Bitblinx we constantly try to improve the user experience, and therefore we have made several updates in our Bitblinx mobile app

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Bitblinx has been meeting expectations from authorities since our start in 2019, and we do have a high security focus for you as a user – when you buy Ethereum or other crypto currencies at Bitblinx, you can expect at professionel storage service.

– Easy to login with 2FA

– Both App and webpage options

– Easy to buy Ethereum

– Regulated entity

– A dedicated team, with experience from the financial sector.

– Customer friendly interface


– Buy Ethereum

History about Ethereum(ETH)

You can read more about Ethereum and its specifications in the whitepaper.

View whitepaper here


Technical : Ethereum(ETH)


Original author(s): Vitalik Buterin

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