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NMP – Neuromorphic Computing Token is exclusively listing on Bitblinx

NMP – Neuromorphic Computing Token is exclusively listing on Bitblinx

Feb 21, 2020 by

To participate and receive the Free NMP:

  1. Follow Neuromorphic_IO & us (Also on Twitter:
  2. Tag 5 Friends & Retweet with hashtags #Neuromorphic #BitBlinx #airdrop #ICO #crypto #freecoin #giveaway #freetoken
  3. Follow &
  4. Submit your details to the airdrop form

Link to the Tweet:

NOTE: The tokens will be distributed after June 1st, 2020. The active registration (Tier 1 verification) on is mandatory because the NMP-tokens are distributed there.

We will distribute 200,000 NMP-tokens in total in multiple Airdrop campaigns.

What is Neuromorphic Technology’s solution

As taken from their Whitepaper:

“Classical computer architecture has proven itself over decades. When it
comes to machines learning human characteristics, however, it is
disadvantageous. Classic computers process commands one after the other,
and they must transport the data from memory to the processor and back.
That is very inefficient and leads to enormous computing effort in machine
learning. Neuromorphic computers will help to solve these issues.
Our research wants to transfer the advantages nature has to learn into
complex artificial neural systems. That’s why our goal is to develop a chip,
that is modelled on the structure of the human brain. It will include electronic
synapses and neurons that process and store information at the same time.
Through this, we plan to develop marketable in energy efficiency and
hardware costs”

What will NMP do:

B2B-Marketplace DApp

NMP-Token will be used by Companies and Developers in the World’s First Blockchain Protocol for the Neuromorphic Market.

Development and Research

NMP-Token will be used to develop Blockchain-based Neuromorphic Computing. It will be used in the development process.


NMP’s Blockchain-based decentralized „Trust Index“ for global Neuromorphic Engineering and Computing Suppliers will use NMP-Token.

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