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NEW LISTING in BitBlinx- TOU/USDT – TourisToken

NEW LISTING in BitBlinx- TOU/USDT – TourisToken

Jan 13, 2020 by

If you are looking for a project that will aid you when planning a holiday, you have found it. Some of us already have a “leisure” budget, trying to only spend a certain amount of money on hotels and flights. But what if you could have a completely different currency destined only to booking those incredible trips? TOU is your new unique travel token, which you will be able to use soon for booking of hotels, general purchases and reward programs.

If you do not like taking your credit card out and fear the overall security when doing so… Paying directly with your Metamask wallet and your TOUs is the right decision for you.

We managed to get this project early on even before it is fully developed, which makes it an advantage for those who want to purchase TOUs before their price increases! Make the most of it now, and hold TOU, you will not regret it once their value increases and you can afford trips you never imagined you could. We will list more Tokens soon, to know more about the current crypto projects register with us.

What are TOUs?

TOU, TourisToken is used in their own platform, apart from being able to exchange it and trade it, you will also be able to get rewards when booking with the world’s largest booking platforms. The following services will come very soon and you will be able to benefit from all of them:

  • BOOKING – Book directly with TOU, and save your day to day FIAT
  • STORE – Seamless purchases using your metamask wallet TOU
  • TRADING (available) – Trade it, hold it, withdraw it, you choose!
  • REWARD – Benefit from Crypto-based reward programs
  • PLUGIN – For those with a travel-related website that would like to offer Blockchain-based travel booking.

Pairs available for TouriToken, what to trade TOU against:

Due to the fact that TOU is a service provider that needs to be pegged to a Stablecoin, we paired it with USDT. Now you can trade in BitBlinx TOU/USDT.

Bitcoin is too volatile to be able to use a service coin pegged to it, read here if you want to know how the Bitcoin Price behaves. 

TOU´s Community links:

Telegram Group:

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